Healing with Life Force – volume 2 Mind


Healing with Life Force – volume 2 Mind

Autore: Shivani Lucki


Available: now ISBN: 9788833320915 Pages: 344 Size: 14 x 21,5 mm Cover: Paperback


Teachings and techniques of Paramhansa Yogananda.

Paramhansa Yogananda’s Autobiography of a Yogi helped launch and continues to guide a global spiritual revolution. Now, for the first time, his remarkable healing methods are available for all who seek to awaken within themselves the limitless power of Life Force.

Volume two: Mind

“All disease has its roots in the mind.”
Learn to use the superpowers of the conscious, subconscious, and superconscious dimensions of the mind to overcome past karma.

VALUE ADDED Exclusive access to online Appendices — with a treasure trove of unpublished articles by Yogananda and Kriyananda (many available for the first time), video instruction guides by the author, and more.

«The power of Healing is the property of every individual soul». Paramhansa Yogananda

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Table of contents

My Intuitive Healing Journey | 3
Foreword | 7
Introduction | 9

Part VI: The Healing Powers of the Mind | 17
Chapter One: We Are What We Think | 19
Chapter Two: Your Mental Diet | 27
Chapter Three: Superpowers of the Conscious Mind | 39
Chapter Four: Willpower | 51
Chapter Five: Visualization | 67
Chapter Six: The Subterranean Subconscious | 79
Chapter Seven: Superconscious Intuition | 107

Part VII: Habits | 127
Chapter One: Habits | 129
Chapter Two: How Habits Are Created | 137
Chapter Three: Discovering Your Habit Allies and Enemies | 145
Chapter Four: Eliminating Bad Habits | 153
Chapter Five: Habit Exchange | 161
Chapter Six: Superconscious Solutions | 173

Part VIII: Scientific Healing Affirmations | 187
Chapter One: The Truth Shall Make You Free | 189
Chapter Two: Choose Your Affirmation | 199
Chapter Three: Affirmation Recipe | 213
Chapter Four: Scientific Affirmation Techniques | 219
Chapter Five: Affirmation in Motion and Music | 227
Chapter Six: Healed by Affirmations | 235

Part IX: Divine Grace | 245
Chapter One: Who Is Listening? | 247
Chapter Two: Who Is Asking? | 259
Chapter Three: Scientific Healing Prayer Demands | 267
Chapter Four: Inner Guidance | 283
Chapter Five: Channeling Healing Energy to Others | 299

Glossary | 320
Bibliography | 323
Photos & Illustrations | 327
About the Authors | 328-330
In Appreciation | 331

A Life Force trilogy to guide you on your healing journey

VOLUME ONE: PRANA “Life energy is the real and direct healer of all diseases.” Tap into the inexhaustible source of Life Force to establish perfect harmony between soul, mind, and body.

VOLUME THREE: MAGNETISM Use the laws of cosmic vibration to achieve healthy relationships, improve economic circumstances, and protect yourself from harmful influences.

The author: Shivani Lucki

Shivani Lucki is a pioneer founding member of Ananda World Brotherhood Community and has earned a worldwide reputation as one of the foremost teachers of meditation, particularly Kriya Yoga, and of Yogananda’s teachings and techniques for self-healing. She established the Life Therapy School of Self-Healing, the Ananda Raja Yoga School and co-founded the Yogananda Academy of Europe. She travels widely in Europe and India giving seminars on the art of self-healing and the science of Self-realization.


«Life Force is a compendium of all that one needs to know about self-healing, written by a respected teacher who has been practicing and sharing the teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda for fifty years». – Padma Shri D. R. Kaarthikeyan, Former Director CBI and Director General of the National Human Rights Commission

«Each chapter of Life Force defines a bold new paradigm of self-healing, in synergy with modern-day understanding of the power of the Self». – Dr. Vandana Jaisingh, osteopath, physical therapist

«Shivani for decades has studied, practiced and given heart and soul to mastering the principles and techniques taught by Yogananda.  The fruit of her unremitting efforts is this extraordinary and unprecedented collection of teachings. It is not merely an intellectual compendium, but the Truth explored, experienced and shared by one who knows. A gift for the ages». – Asha Nayaswami, renowned author and speaker

«Dear Shivani,
My husband and I have been reading your book, Healing with Life Force, and we wanted to let you know how much we are enjoying it. Thank you for the immense amount of work you put into creating this wonderful and inspiring book. We look forward reading the other two books when they are available.

As we read this great book, we feel uplifted, strengthened and encouraged. You lovingly recapitulated our teachings; the stories you have incorporated bring encouragement and hope. Through this book Yogananda is showing us his love and guidance.

We have been on this spiritual path for a number of years; therefore, many of the teachings are not new to us. However, your presentation has been such a refreshing way to bring to life and rejuvenate what we have been practicing all these years. Thank you for your love and dedication in creating this beautiful and inspiring work.
In Divine Friendship». – Rita and Roberto, Clayton, California

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14 x 21,5 mm