A Taste of Joy


A Taste of Joy

Autore: Mahiya Zoé Matthews


ISBN: 9780995688926


All the Secrets to Healthy, Vegeterian Eating

Healthy and natural cooking for body, mind and soul!

Being or becoming a vegetarian requires not only knowing how to balance one’s diet, but also how to cook delicious and healthy dishes for physical well-being.

The Taste of Joy, by Mahiya Zoé Matthews, is inspired by Paramhansa Yogananda’s advice on nutrition.This book takes us on a joyful adventure into the world of nutrition, revealing the powerful effects of food on health, mind and spirit. In her simple and genuine style, the author presents us with key topics in an interesting and engaging way. You’ll find plenty of tips for preparing specialties and recipes from vegetarian, Italian and Indian cuisines.


  • 150 easy-to-prepare vegetarian recipes
  • Italian, Indian specialties and recipes and other delights
  • Information on balancing your diet between protein, carbohydrates and vitamins
  • Directions on how to spiritualize life in the kitchen
  • Detailed instructions on how to prepare seitan at home, how to grow sprouts, and many culinary tricks
  • Written “friend to friend,” entertaining, informative.

The recipes, accompanied by beautiful photos, are easy to follow, joyful to create, and tasty to eat.

Author: Mahiya Zoé Matthews

Author of the beloved best-selling book A Taste of Joy, Mahiya is an expert in multicultural culinary arts, vegetarian-vegan cooking and yogic nutrition, with a deep understanding of both the practical and the nutritional and spiritual aspects. Mahiya is passionate about spreading vegan and yogic nutrition in Italy and abroad. Her books and cooking classes, which she holds regularly at Ananda Assisi, are inspiring thousands of people to a healthier, more natural lifestyle.

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