Living Patanjali – English Version


Living Patanjali – English Version

Autore: Jayadev Jaerschky


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The Power of True Yoga

Patanjali, the ancient father of yoga, offered his famous Yoga Sutras to the world centuries ago. Every serious yogic tradition studies them, because they represent the foundations of Yoga. Paramhansa Yogananda also attached enormous importance to this enlightened scripture, commenting on it for his disciples in countless inspirational talks. In Living Patanjali, Yogananda’s interpretations are presented with a concrete, approach so as to bring these lofty teachings into daily life.

Through concrete, day-by-day practices and exercises, you will learn how to live these teachings in your family, at work, in yoga postures, in meditation, in all circumstances of life.

Step by step, you will get closer and closer to the ultimate goal, to which Patanjali and Yogananda want to lead you: the union with the Infinite, true Yoga.

You will receive these very profound teachings in a practical and light-hearted way, following a lively conversation between Patanjali and one of his imaginary disciples, Yogibala. You will immerse yourself in a living, real, tangible atmosphere, as if you were really in India, listening to an enlightened yogi and receiving his blessings and wisdom.

Along the way, you will realize that Yogibala is actually you, and that Patanjali is accompanying you step by step, through the different experiences of your life, to Self-realization.

Through Yogananda’s commentaries, you will be able to apply each of Patanjali’s first thirty-one Yoga Sutras to your life and through an imaginary dialogue between Patanjali and one of his disciples, you will explore:

  • the Sanskrit version of each sutra, with English translation;
  • the explanation of its deeper meaning;
  • tips and inspiration for living it in daily life;
  • directions for experiencing it in meditation;
  • instructions for applying it to yoga postures;
  • a guide for self-analysis.

An invaluable treasure for every yoga practitioner!

Author: Jayadev Jaerschky

Jayadev Jaerschky was born in Germany. His inner search began during his adolescence, and in 1989, after a pilgrimage to India, he made the decision to join the Ananda center near Assisi and follow the tradition of Paramhansa Yogananda’s Kriya Yoga through his direct disciple Swami Kriyananda. In 1991, he received Kriya Yoga initiation from Swami Kriyananda, who encouraged him both to teach and to write books. Each year Jayadev gives seminars in many parts of Italy and Europe.

In 2007 he founded the European School of Ananda Yoga, of which he is the director, and where he teaches courses throughout the year, training new teachers of Ananda Yoga, a style of Hatha Yoga based on the teachings of Kriya Yoga.

Jayadev is the author of several books successful on yoga and meditation and devotional CDs.

Jayadev leads a yearly pilgrimage to India’s sacred sites in the Himalayas.

In 2014 Jayadev was appointed Kriyacharya, which means he is authorized to give the sacred initiation into Kriya Yoga.

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